Keio University cooperated with Hitachi High-Technology and Hitachi, Ltd. in the development of Bandai's new educational toy "Anpanman grows kindness". "Anpanman grows kindness" is a toy that you can take care of using Anpanman dolls and tools such as toilets, clothes, and futons. Children around the age of one and a half can play with their parents and children to promote language development, and children around the age of two can voluntarily nurture kindness.

 Until now, Hitachi High Technology and Hitachi have been making efforts to promote manufacturing from the perspective of brain science.As part of this, we have cooperated in the development of Bandai's educational toys "BlockLab®" series.The results of the verification of children's play with the specially appointed assistant professor Nozomu Naoi of Keio University are utilized in the "Anpanman grows kindness" to be released this time.

 Assistant Professor Naoi and his colleagues showed children 17 to 18 months old a story-telling picture book while playing with dolls, and investigated the effects on their subsequent behavior.As a result, it was found that the children themselves play more often than when they read aloud only.However, when the same experiment was performed through a monitor, the number of times did not change.From this, it is important for adults to read aloud directly.We also investigated the length of time the child was paying attention to the face of the person reading and the number of times of play, and found that the longer the time of attention, the greater the number of times.

 Keio University, Hitachi High-Technology, and Hitachi will continue to collaborate in research on brain science and utilize the knowledge gained from them in manufacturing.

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