Kyushu University's venture company Culux (Fukuoka City, President Kurisu Sahoi) will work on the practical application of the 3rd generation organic EL (electroluminescence) light emitting material developed by Kyushu University.A total of 15 billion yen has been raised from industry-academia collaboration venture funds, etc., and a license for technology patents has been obtained from Kyushu University. I am.

 According to Kyushu University, this organic EL light emitting material is called TADF (Thermal Activated Delayed Fluorescence) and was developed in 2012 by Professor Chihaya Adachi, Director of the Advanced Organic Optoelectronics Research Center, Kyushu University.With a molecular design that reduces the energy gap without using rare metals, electrons can be converted to light with almost 100% efficiency.This makes it possible to emit light at a lower cost than the second generation, which uses rare metals.Furthermore, we have succeeded in increasing the luminous efficiency from fluorescent molecules to 2%.

 If TADF is put into practical use, it will realize not only high efficiency and low cost, but also high-purity color development and high-intensity emission.For this reason, it is expected that you can enjoy vivid images even outdoors during the day and greatly contribute to improving the performance of mobile terminals.It has a high energy-saving effect and opens the way for long-term use of mobile devices.
Culux is a technology development type venture company established by Professor Adachi and others in 2015.Professor Adachi is participating as a technical advisor, and engineers involved in TADF development at the Kyushu University Advanced Organic Optoelectronics Research Center will work on practical application.

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