The Cabinet Office has formed the "Task Force on Science and Technology Innovation Initiatives for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Tokyo Games" to create science and technology innovation originating in Japan for the 2020 Olympic Games. We are promoting "nine" science and technology innovation projects.A symposium introducing the activities was held on March 9, 2016, and the report was published on the Cabinet Office website.

 Approximately 400 people from the industry participated in the symposium, and the latest technologies of the "2020" science and technology innovation projects promoted by the Cabinet Office for the 9 Olympic and Paralympic Tokyo Games were introduced.

 For the "9" projects, information on sudden natural disasters such as guerrilla rainstorms, which Osaka University, Saitama University, Toshiba, etc. are working on, will be provided accurately and with sufficient time to realize safe tournament management and visitors. "Guerrilla rainstorm / tornado advance prediction" to ensure a safe stay, and "multilingual speech translation system" used by research institutes such as universities to realize stress-free communication with visitors from overseas. There is "smart hospitality" and so on.

 At the symposium, a panel discussion was also held by five experts, including Professor Masayuki Kawamoto of the University of Tsukuba. Opinions were exchanged on the current status and prospects of the "5 projects" and their practical utility to society from the perspective of consumers.

Reference: [Cabinet Office] Report on the Science and Technology Innovation Symposium for 2020

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