More than 4% of private universities nationwide have fallen below the capacity, and the worsening of the management base is more noticeable in the universities in rural areas, according to the materials submitted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to the Council of Experts on Private University Reform. In the face of the "university 18 problem" in which the 2018-year-old population is declining again, the severe situation of local private universities has been shown again, and it seems that it will spur the debate on consolidation and abolition.

 According to the materials submitted by the Ministry of Education, of the 579 private universities nationwide, 2015 schools, which is 43.2% of the total, fell below the capacity in FY250. Compared to 2014, 15 schools decreased by 2.6 points, but it has continued to increase in the long run.There are 50 universities with less than 13% of the capacity, 2.2%, and there are many places where it is difficult to secure students due to the declining birthrate and the increase in the number of universities.

On the other hand, the number of junior colleges that met the capacity was 315 out of 123, or 39.0%. Compared to 2014, 15 schools have decreased by 3.7 points, but the trend remains unchanged over the long term.There were 50 junior colleges with less than 9% of the capacity, 2.9%. Even in 2016, the number of junior colleges closed has increased, and it has become clear that the situation is more severe than that of 4-year colleges.

Although the imputed balance ratio (* 1) is an indicator of the financial status of school corporations, the number of negative universities that are said to have management problems reached 2014 schools, which is 592% of all 37.0 schools, in FY219.Of these, 45.4% of all small and medium-sized schools in rural areas were negative, indicating that nearly half are facing a business crisis.

* 1 Attributable balance ratio A figure obtained by subtracting personnel expenses, education and research expenses, etc. from self-income such as school payments and donations.At least plus, preferably 10% or more is desirable.

reference:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] Handouts for the 4th Review Conference on Promotion of Private Universities, etc.

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