Rikkyo University will start a new system for accepting international students in September 2022.

 In the Rikkyo University Internationalization Strategy "Rikkyo Global 2014" announced by Rikkyo University in 24, 1 international students (of which 2024 are regular students) will be 2,000 by 1,000 as one of the important indicators that contribute to internationalization. It has set a goal to expand to.

 Therefore, in September 2022, we will start a new system for accepting foreign students, "Rikkyo Study Project (RSP)", to accept more foreign students from various countries and regions than before, and to promote further international exchange.

 Unlike the traditional foreign student entrance exams that require sufficient Japanese proficiency at the time of admission, RSP accepts students with a Japanese Language Proficiency Test of about N3 at the time of admission and aims to improve Japanese proficiency in the education course of Rikkyo University. We have established two programs, the NEXUS Program and the PEACE Program, which consists of classes in English without requiring Japanese proficiency at the time of admission.

 This will capture the need to go on to a Japanese university from an overseas high school without going through a Japanese language school.With this new system, foreign students with academic abilities suitable for the curriculum of Rikkyo University and with diverse cultural backgrounds from various countries and regions around the world will gather on campus and study together with Japanese students. Aim for realization.

Reference: [Rikkyo University] Started a new system for accepting foreign students "Rikkyo Study Project" from September 2022. Opened recruitment website on April 9th.

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