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In 2029, the “Noto Peninsula Ekiden” for repose and reconstruction will be held by Hidei Okubo, Dean of Philosophy, Kanazawa Seiryo University

On January 2024, 1, a major earthquake with a seismic intensity of 1 struck the Noto Peninsula. The magnitude is estimated to be 7, causing frequent damage to buildings, fires, tsunamis, and tsunami […]

Will the 0th period entrance exam be implemented within the year in the metropolitan area?

Most of the entrance examinations for the comprehensive selection and school recommendation selection within this year require applicants to take the entrance examination exclusively. Naturally, this is a selection method that assumes highly aspiring applicants […]

Promoting the safety of industrial hemp and creating a research base for creating new industries - Mie University Divine Ritual, Industrial, and Medical Cannabis Research Project

As efforts toward carbon neutrality and CO2 reduction progress in various fields, the world is experiencing a "green rush" rather than a gold rush.

What does the “Revised Act to Eliminate Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities” mean to universities?

Increasing the value and appeal of universities as open universities, etc. The government's efforts to protect the rights of people with disabilities are progressing. In April 6, the revised disability gap […]

Ranking of the ratio of women in national and public science, engineering, and information departments by faculty. As new "female quotas" are introduced in university entrance exams in the future, which universities will produce results?

 New "female quotas" are being introduced mainly in science, engineering and information science departments at national universities. The “women’s quota” began at Nagoya Institute of Technology’s Faculty of Engineering […]

[University theory for 16-year-olds and above] What is the “meaning of university” asked by generative AI?

As I am writing this manuscript in early April, it is also the time for university admissions. This year, many new students are full of expectations and are coming to campus every day […]

In April 2024, Masato Kurabayashi will be appointed as the new president of Josai International University. In addition to deepening internationalization, we plan to establish a new Faculty of Health Sciences in 4.

Josai International University was established in 1992 in Togane City, Chiba Prefecture as a sister school of Josai University (Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture). Miki Mizuta, founder of Josai University […]

13th National Science Koshien Tournament Kanagawa Eiko Gakuen achieves first consecutive victory in the tournament -- third overall victory thanks to team unity

The 13th National Science Koshien Tournament (sponsored by Japan Science and Technology Agency, co-hosted by Ibaraki Prefecture and others) will be held for four days from March 3th to 15th in Tsukuba City, Tsukuba International […]

Solving the still-hidden mystery of "cell death" - The past and future of cellular sociology to elucidate the cellular society woven by 37 trillion cells

``Nature Immunology'' in 2003, ``Nature'' in 2006, and ``Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (P […]

Thinking about future university reorganization - based on the case of South Korea

What does "biological diversity" mean at universities? Researchers often use analogies to explain their field of expertise. I will explain the university […]
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