We at Max Co., Ltd. have been manufacturing staplers ever since we launched desktop staplers in 1946.
Stapler is used by everyone at school, in the company, or at home to finish important documents.
We want to be a part of your life forever, just like a stapler, and help you capture precious moments.
If I could staple my memories to my heart...
Max's "Stapler Story of the Heart" began with such a thought.
“What you want to staple to your heart right now”
Please send us your thoughts and events that you want to keep in mind, such as "current happiness", "family ties", and "memories with friends".
We hope that Max's "Stapler Story of the Heart" will help you look back on important moments and notice the small joys in your daily life.

Contest overview
SponsorshipMax "Heart Stapler Story" Secretariat
Start accepting applications2023/8/1
Application deadline2023/9/29
Information year2023

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