What is Minna no Beef Cuisine Koshien?
Vast land, cool climate, and clean water.Beef cattle in Hokkaido eat to their heart's content on delicious roughage made in the wide pastures, and high-quality beef is produced through the efforts of the people involved in beef cattle production.
We will hold “Minna no Beef Cuisine Koshien in 2023” because we believe that it is very important for Hokkaido that high school students who will lead Hokkaido from now on bring their dreams to the delicious beef of Hokkaido.The power of food to influence society should be infinitely large, like magic.
Recruitment theme is "Rejuvenate Hokkaido! New specialty of Hokkaido! Idea recipe for beef"
Let's aim to continue to challenge together.

Contest overview
SponsorshipHokkaido Beef Consumption Expansion and Strengthening Measures Executive Committee
Application deadline2023/9/11
RemarksEntry application deadline: Monday, September 2023, 9
Application recipe and document deadline: Friday, October 2023, 10
Information year2023

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