The "Regional Revitalization ☆ Policy Idea Contest" is a contest to solicit policy ideas to revitalize the region based on the analysis of regional issues using the Regional Economic Analysis System (RESAS).
The Cabinet Office Regional Revitalization Promotion Office will hold an online seminar for the "Regional Revitalization ☆ Policy Idea Contest 2023".
The 4th issue will be titled "Application Deadline Approaching! Final Checkpoints Before Entries", and will introduce key points regarding submissions and techniques for deepening data analysis.
Date and time: September 2023, 9 (Wednesday) 6: 18-30: 19 (planned)
●Theme: The application deadline is approaching!Final checkpoint before application
1. Introduction of points regarding application
2. Plus one analysis before application
(Mr. Shinya Kitamura, Senior Manager, QUICK Data Solution Business Headquarters)
Holding method: Online (Zoom webinar)
Participation fee is free and anyone can participate.
The viewing-only Zoom URL/password will be sent by email by the morning of Tuesday, July 7th.In addition, we plan to deliver the archive at a later date.

Contest overview
SponsorshipCabinet Office Regional Revitalization Promotion Office
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Application deadline2023/9/5
Information year2023

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