Kanazawa University is holding the ``Japanese Mathematics A-lympiad,'' where students compete for ``the ability to use mathematics to solve real-world problems in order to connect with the world and build a better society.''
The "Japanese Mathematics A-lympiad" is not a competition between individuals to determine their pure and abstract mathematical knowledge and skills, unlike the Mathematical Olympiad, which is currently popular in Japan.Three to four students enrolled in the same school form teams to decipher real-world problems (in English) that have been created based on current global issues, and use the power of mathematics to come up with better solutions for society. I would like to suggest.This will comprehensively test your ability to discover global issues, your ability to collaborate based on independence and active communication, your ability to logically compose a report, and your English proficiency.Winners will be eligible to apply for the A-lympiad special entrance examination (A-lympiad selection).Additionally, teams with excellent results will be recommended and sent to represent Japan at the "Math A-lympiad" held in the Netherlands.
We hope that many teams from all over the country will take on the challenge.

Contest overview
SponsorshipKanazawa University
Start accepting applications2023/10/2
Application deadline2023/10/31
Information year2023

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