"Economics Koshien" is a quiz for high school students who have not yet spread their wings to understand and understand what kind of financial and economic system the world is working on, and to teach "my life design" and "how to relate to myself and money". It will be held to give you an opportunity to think about it.
Participating teams will participate in regional competitions held by financial institutions such as regional banks all over the country as regional contributions, and the team that wins the regional competition will advance to the national competition.
At the national convention, we will take on various quizzes that require deeper knowledge and understanding, such as essay quizzes that explain economic terms in an easy-to-understand manner and presentation quizzes that collaborate with other teams.
The winning team will receive a ``New York study trip'' or ``We will give you the right to participate in the International Economics Olympics!During the New York study trip, we plan to visit companies and interview various people who are active in the area.I am.The International Economic OlympiadAn international competition where Japanese representatives compete for knowledge in subjects such as economics, which has started this year.This is a meeting.At the International Economic Olympiad,Among those who advanced to the Economics Koshien National Tournament,We plan to select representatives from Japan from teams other than the winning team.

Contest overview
SponsorshipCertified non-profit organization Financial Intelligence Promotion Association
Remarks* The entry deadline varies depending on the local competition.
Local Convention: Early November-Late December 2023
National Convention: February 2024th (Sat) and 2th (Sun), 24
Information year2023

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