The Construction Consultants Association holds the "Construction Confoto Award Jr." for the purpose of letting junior high school and high school students know about the importance of civil engineering facilities and the construction consulting business through a photo contest. This year will be the ninth time.
We hope this will be an opportunity for you to turn your attention to the "civil engineering facilities" that support our lives, and learn about the work of "construction consultants."
The theme of the ninth session is "Find 'civil engineering facilities'!"
The “civil engineering facilities” that we usually use are all around us, both visible and invisible, supporting our lives and sometimes even protecting our lives.
Civil engineering facilities that you use every day.I don't think I'm usually conscious of it because it blends into the scenery.
Therefore, we are looking for wonderful photos from everyone under the theme, "Find 'Civil Engineering Facilities'!"
Let's look for a wonderful civil engineering facility around us on this occasion!

Contest overview
SponsorshipJapan Construction Consultants Association
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Application deadline2023/9/30
Information year2023

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