If you look up at the night sky, you will see the sky.
Space is nature that is closest to us and has the largest scale.
It is also the origin of science that has nurtured human wisdom.
Please submit a photo or video of your ``feelings'' when looking up into space.
The application theme is "photos and videos related to stars"
Each person can submit up to three entries in each category, whether domestic or overseas, such as starry skies + natural landscapes, people, buildings, the moon, planets, nebulae, star clusters, astronomical phenomena, etc.
``One-shutter category'' that does not use compositing methods, ``Composite category'' that combines multiple shots using image processing software, ``Video category'' that includes time-lapse photography, and ``Under 18 category'' for people under 18 years old. It will be held in 4 divisions.

Contest overview
SponsorshipVixen Co., Ltd.
Start accepting applications2023/8/1
Application deadline2023/11/30
Information year2023

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