List of articles of Nara University of Education

Nara Prefecture to develop basic plan to turn Nara Prefectural Institute of Technology into a student dormitory

 Nara Prefecture built a student dormitory at the planned site of the Prefectural University of Technology, which was planned in the Iwami district of Miyake Town, Nara Prefecture during the era of former Governor Shogo Arai, and started a startup company […]

Characteristics of the Nara Park deer population, such as long-term isolation and genetic uniqueness, are changing.

 A joint research group from Fukushima University, Nara University of Education, and Yamagata University used DNA analysis to investigate the kinship of deer in Nara City, and to determine the origins of the deer in the management area.

Amendment of the National University Corporation Law including university integration is enacted

 A bill to amend the National University Corporation Law, which includes strengthening the authority of the president selection meeting and integrating national university corporations, was passed by the House of Councilors following the House of Representatives and passed. […]

Partial amendment of the National University Corporation Law, to establish Nara National University Organization from April 2022

 A partial amendment to the National University Corporation Law, including the integration of Nara University of Education and Nara Women's University, a national university with a campus in Nara Prefecture, has been approved by the House of Councilors. […]

The new corporation is the integration of the national university corporations Nara, Nara Women's University, and Nara University of Education.

 Nara Women's University and Nara University of Education have agreed to integrate the corporations and establish a new corporation, "National University Corporation Nara," with the goal of October 2021. […]

One corporation of national universities, multiple university system, 1 regions under consideration request promotion

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is considering promoting the one-corporation multi-university system of national universities from universities in four regions, including Hokkaido, which is considering university integration […]

Movement of university integration in 4 regions nationwide such as Shizuoka and Nara 1 Utilizing the multi-university system

 A research and study meeting on the system of one national university and multiple universities was held at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and the integration of national universities was considered in four regions nationwide by utilizing this system […]

Benesse begins research on teaching methods for utilizing active learning

 Benesse Institute for Education has begun research on teaching and evaluation methods that are conscious of active learning.Acty […] in the next revision of the course of study