List of articles of Yokohama National University

10 domestic universities sign agreement to promote open access papers

 On November 2022, 11, the librarians of 7 domestic universities, including Tohoku University and the University of Tokyo, and Springer Nature, an international academic publishing company, announced the opening of the O […]

Awarded 2022 University Startup Venture Award, 8 companies including anti-cancer drug Cordia Therapeutics, Inc.

 The Japan Science and Technology Agency and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization have decided on the winners of the 2022 University Startup Venture Awards, and the Kyoto Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize […]

Keio University and Yokohama National University successfully visualize oxytocin in the brain for the first time

 Keio University and Yokohama National University succeeded for the first time in "visualizing" oxytocin in the brain and observing its action site and behavior.

IEEE International Award, Associate Professor Fumihiro Inoue of Yokohama National University receives the first Japanese award

 The first Japanese from the Electronics Packaging Society of the IEEE, Yokohama National University Graduate School of Engineering […]

Kyoto University ranked first in the university image survey "Job Hunting Ranking" from the perspective of personnel personnel

 Nikkei HR Co., Ltd. and Nikkei Inc. ask the person in charge of human resources of the company about the image of the students of each university they hired.

Chiba University and Yokohama National University collaborate on joint research on disaster prevention and decarbonization

 Chiba University and Yokohama National University have signed an agreement on mutual cooperation and cooperation.Taking advantage of the characteristics of both schools, reducing the risk of disasters such as typhoons, a carbon-free society […]

Yokohama National University, in principle, online classes until the end of October in the fall semester

 Yokohama National University has planned to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection by September 2021, 9 in view of the spread of the Delta strain virus […]

Nagoya Institute of Technology analyzes why elderly people suffer from heat stroke at home using computational science and data

 A research group of the Nagoya City Fire Department and Nagoya Institute of Technology estimated the onset process of heat stroke in the elderly using the heat stroke carrier big data.To the carrier […]

AI support system for sperm evaluation of male infertility treatment Developed by Yokohama National University and Yokohama City University

 The research group of Professor Tomoki Hamagami of Yokohama National University Institute of Engineering and Associate Professor Yasushi Yumura of Yokohama National University Citizens' Medical Center is a male infertility […]

Yokohama National University begins providing large-scale observation data for IoT cyber attacks

 The research group of Associate Professor Katsunari Yoshioka of Yokohama National University Graduate School of Environmental Information is working on the devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) […]
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