Article list of universities in Kinki region

Hyogo Medical University experiment that concentration and attention decline at the moment of breathing

 A research group led by Assistant Professor Nozomu Nakamura of Hyogo College of Medicine examined human brain activity and found that ``concentration and attention are controlled by the timing of breathing […]

First update of koala anatomical knowledge in the last century Identification of hip and leg muscles based on innervation

 A joint research group from Kyoto University, Juntendo University, and Saitama Medical University carried out macroscopic dissection of the muscles of the koala's buttocks (buttocks) and lower limbs (rear thighs) […]

Kyoto University Open Courseware YouTube channel subscribers surpass 10

 The YouTube channel “Kyoto University Open Co […]

Awarded 2022 University Startup Venture Award, 8 companies including anti-cancer drug Cordia Therapeutics, Inc.

 The Japan Science and Technology Agency and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization have decided on the winners of the 2022 University Startup Venture Awards, and the Kyoto Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize […]

Kyoto University Open Courseware, a shared knowledge asset, to reach a conclusion by the end of the year in university-wide discussions on whether to maintain or close it

 As Kyoto University abolished the Center for the Advancement of Higher Education Research and Development at the end of September, classes, public lectures, and international symposiums that were open to the public […]

Mynavi Advancement Research Institute conducts "University Recognition and Image Survey" for the first time for high 3 students

 The “Mynavi Advancement Research Institute”, a site specializing in research and information dissemination on the career choices of high school students operated by Mynavi Co., Ltd., has 20 […]

Elucidation of the symptoms and treatment mechanisms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (obsessive-compulsive disorder) using a computational approach

 A joint research group of Nara Institute of Science and Technology and Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, Inc. is investigating the mechanism of obsessive-compulsive disorder (obsessive-compulsive disorder) […]

It is necessary to prevent new corona infections and control the flow of people at grocery stores and pharmacies Osaka Public University

 A research group led by Assistant Professor Ryo Kato and Professor Shigeshi Takizawa at the Graduate School of Human Life Sciences, Osaka Public University conducted research on relative changes in the flow of people in Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo prefectures […]

Nara Women's University discovered a substance that prevents the invasion of Argentine ants and fire ants from native Japanese ants

 A joint research team* from Nara Women's University, etc. has severely repelled invasive ants such as Argentine ants and fire ants, as if they had met a mighty enemy […]

Kio University ranks 300th in the Kansai region for the 2022th consecutive year in the ``Actual Employment Rate Ranking 4'' among universities with more than 4 graduates

 In the “Actual Employment Rate Ranking 2022*” announced by Daigaku Tsushin Co., Ltd., Kio University is a national public and private university with more than 300 graduates […]
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