List of articles of Kansai Medical University

Imagery strategy to facilitate the implementation of kinesthetic imagery for clinical application of motor imagery Kansai Medical University

 Motor imagery is a mental process of rehearsing movement in the brain without muscle contraction or movement.

Development of new exercise therapy for hand rehabilitation of patients with cerebrovascular accident hemiplegia Kansai Medical University

 A research group led by Professor Toshiaki Suzuki, Dean of the Graduate School of Kansai Medical University, has found that hemiplegic patients with cerebrovascular accidents who have difficulty moving their thumbs on the paralyzed side […]

Kansai Medical University, Associate Researcher Masataka Kurobe was elected for the first time as a U27 symposist at the "39th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association"

 Masataka Kurobe research at the "2022th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association" to be held at the Osaka International Convention Center on October 10st and 1nd, 2 […]

The first step in a new assessment that is an indicator of spasticity in stroke patients

 Due to a stroke or the like, the symptoms of spasticity may reduce the voluntaryness of the limbs and interfere with life.Evaluate this spasticity neurophysiologically […]

Clarified by applying spinal nerve function and motor image related to finger movement control

 When a human exerts force to bend one or several fingers, the other fingers also unintentionally (involuntarily) apply force […].

Rhythmic exercise relieves excessive muscle tone Kansai Medical University

 Paralysis may occur when a stroke develops.At that time, it has been reported that the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord, which control muscle contraction, are excessively excited. […]

Kansai Medical University reveals neural function when motor image improves motor skills

 Assistant Professor Yuki Fukumoto of Kansai Medical University and Professor Toshiaki Suzuki of the Graduate School of the same university have clarified the mechanism by which motor imagery improves motor skills […]