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Entrance exams for 2024: The number of private university applicants will increase despite a decline in the 18-year-old population

The 2024 entrance exams are reaching their climax, just before the first half of national and public universities' dates. The 18-year-old population is decreasing, and more than half of private universities are below capacity […]

Initiatives at Temple University Japan Campus have continued to grow since opening in 1982 as Japan's first foreign university campus.

Temple University Japan Campus (TUJ) is located in Setagaya, Tokyo. Last year, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the opening of our Japanese school. U.S. University […]

What is the percentage of applicants who are admitted to national and public universities? ~Based on school basic survey results~

On December 12th of last year, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced the final school basic statistics (results of the basic school survey) for 20. University (undergraduate) admission rate (past year […]

In order to respond to the rapid transformation of DX in the construction industry, advanced digital education has started at Kogakuin University's Faculty of Architecture.

In response to the rapid expansion of DX that is progressing all over the world, the way the construction industry works is changing significantly, and university education in the field of architecture is also being forced to change […]

The university entrance rate in the spring of 2023 has reached a record high for the 8th consecutive year. Okinawa Prefecture ranks first in the Kyushu region, and Yamanashi Prefecture ranks first in the nation for the university entrance rate for men.

The university entrance rate reached a record high for 8 consecutive years, with a rate of 57.7% The university undergraduate admission rate in the spring of 2023 reached 57.7%, setting a record high […]

There is an abnormality in the ranking of the number of successful applicants for the National Civil Service General Examination by university.

 Those who have passed the National Civil Service Comprehensive Examination and are hired are generally referred to as "careers." Until about 20 years ago, people from the University of Tokyo were under pressure […]

Trends in the number of confirmed applicants for the common test for university entrance; the number of women in urban areas is decreasing slowly

The number of confirmed applicants for the 2024 university entrance common test has been announced. Due to the decrease in the 18-year-old population, it is natural that the number decreased by 96% compared to the previous year […]

Bunkyo University's Faculty of Education boasts one of the top teacher recruitment records in the nation and is working to cultivate students who truly want to become teachers.

The predecessors, Rissho Sewing Girls' School and Rissho Kindergarten, were established in 1927 with the philosophy of education based on "love for humanity." In 1969, a private university and […]

Edogawa University's ``EDOGAWA GIRLS AWARD'' allows students to experience the music business through practice. Students discover high school artists and produce them until their debut.

November 2023, 11.At the Edogawa University gymnasium, strong and relaxed singing voices echoed in front of the many spectators who had gathered. Since 3, Edo […]

Business education unique to a women's university - What is the nurturing of "resilient" female leaders at Showa Women's University's School of Global Business, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary? ~

Showa Women's University's School of Global Business celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.Background to the birth of the Faculty of Global Business, past efforts and progress […]
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