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2023 entrance exam New method for Waseda University and Sophia University, latest expected difficulty revealed

Attention is focused on the publication of the 2025 entrance examination subjects by each university due to the revision of the course of study, but the current 2023rd year high school students will take the exam in XNUMX […]

[XNUMXth] Curriculum: Four subject groups

In order to develop high-quality professional human resources through practical vocational education in close cooperation with industry, etc., standards that are not found in general university faculties and departments have been set […]

Developing global human resources who can contribute to solving problems in the international community by learning all in English together with international students

Learn liberal arts in English Opened the Department of International Symbiosis, Faculty of International Symbiosis International students from about 40 countries gather on the campus, which is rich in international […]

Kansai University, Pioneer of Online Collaborative Learning “COIL” Opens Up International Education and Students’ Possibilities

Possibilities of online international education and COIL-type education “COIL is a place where you can interact and learn with overseas students while staying in Japan.

Respect others, share and help each other, and cultivate “collaborative creativity” to survive in the future

Josai University will celebrate its 2025th anniversary in 60.President Yozo Fujino, who is in his third year in office, is the founder Mizu […]

Kyoto Women's University plans to open a data science department next spring, the first women's university to develop human resources who can create new value and contribute to the realization of gender equality

Kyoto Women's University plans to open a data science faculty in April 2023 (pending approval).Sakae Takeyasu describes the background of the installation and the characteristics of the learning […]

Yield rate of private universities continues to decline, general selection in 2021 falls below 2%

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology publishes various aggregated data on universities, including the School Basic Survey.Among them, the selection of applicants for national, public and private universities […]

Space satellite data and drone aerial images are also research materials.Information engineering × management science that updates medicine, agriculture, and industry

Utilizing raw data unique to an engineering university, the Faculty of Management Information was established to conduct research and analysis.

Ahead of the times, we promote learning that combines data science and humanities and sciences.Creating "comprehensive knowledge" that is the source of innovation

What is the learning of the Faculty of Culture and Information Studies, which leads the "human era"? Since its establishment in 2005, "Culture […]

Serious "industry-academia collaboration PBL" jointly developed with about 20 companies.Opened up-and-coming business administration department for learning on a project basis

In April 2023, Otemae University plans to open the Faculty of Business Administration, tackling real corporate issues together with companies and challenging questions that have no right answer.Dizzying […]
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