From Kochi to the world with rich sensibility and five high abilities

As the only national university in Kochi Prefecture, it features interdisciplinary education on regional, marine, disaster prevention, and medical care, teaches globally accepted knowledge and ideas, and contributes to regional development through practical activities in the region. We carry out education through "community collaboration" with the aim of developing human resources who can.At the same time as disseminating the results obtained in the region to the world, we are developing "glocal education and advanced academic research" that reflects the movements of the world in the region.In addition, I have acquired five abilities (expressive ability, presentation ability, communication ability, cross-cultural understanding ability, information utilization ability) through liberal arts education, specialized education, extracurricular education, or internship.

List of faculties / departments
Faculty of Humanities and Social SciencesDepartment of Humanities and Social Sciences Capacity 275
Faculty of EducationSchool education teacher training course Capacity 130 people
Faculty of Science and EngineeringDepartment of Mathematical Physics Capacity 55 people
Department of Computer Science Capacity 30 people
Department of Biological Sciences Capacity 45 people
Department of Chemistry and Bioscience and Engineering Capacity 70 people
Department of Global Environmental Disaster Prevention Capacity 40 people
Faculty of medicineMedical department capacity 110 people
Nursing Department Capacity 60 people
Agriculture, Forestry and Marine ScienceDepartment of Agricultural and Forestry Resource Science Capacity: 135
Department of Marine Resources Science Capacity 65 people
Faculty of Regional CollaborationRegional Collaboration Department Capacity 60 people

Contact information, address, etc.
Zip Code780-8520
Address2-5-1 Akebonocho, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture
DepartmentAcademic Affairs Department Entrance Examination Division

Scholarship information
Scholarship nameEligible personsof peopleSalary / loan
Kochi University Study Support Fund Scholarship
20 people[Benefit] 30 yen/year (1 years)
Description of the icon
Formation... Scholarships for students with excellent academic performance  Through... Scholarships mainly for financial supporters  Input... Scholarships for students with excellent entrance examination results  Out... Scholarships for people from designated areas  Capital... Scholarships for qualification holders  etc.... other scholarships such as extracurricular activities 
* This scholarship information is based on the questionnaire that was answered by September 2023, 9.

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Kochi University Article List

When brown bears eat cicada larvae, tree growth decreases, research conducted by Kochi University and the University of Tokyo

 Assistant Professor Mikiji Tomita of Kochi University and Professor Tsutomu Hiura of the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo found that digging by brown bears reduced tree growth on the Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido.

Five national universities in Shikoku jointly declare a research environment where women can thrive

 Five national universities in Shikoku, Tokushima, Naruto Education, Kagawa, Ehime, and Kochi, have reviewed their joint declaration to promote gender equality and are working to create an environment in which female researchers can thrive […]

Determining the difference between a caldera volcano and a stratovolcano, the world's first result by Kochi University and Toyama University

 An international joint research group led by Dr. Yuji Sano, Director of the Ocean Core Research Center at Kochi University, and Project Assistant Professor Shogo Kagoshima at the University of Toyama, is working on a caldera volcano and […]

Gender difference in surgical surgery, more prominent in difficult surgery

 Research teams such as Osaka Medical and Pharamology University School of Medicine Emiko Kono and other research teams from the University of Tokyo, Gifu University, Kochi University, and the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology have performed gall removal, etc. […]

Cooperation agreement with 5 national universities in Shikoku and Shikoku Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for disaster prevention

 Tokushima University, Naruto University of Education, Kochi University, Kagawa University, and Ehime University, which are national universities in Shikoku, will be on the 30th with the Shikoku Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism […]

Kochi University Article List