Professor Gregory Weiss and colleagues at the University of California, Irvine have succeeded in returning boiled eggs to raw eggs.It is said that the annual research expenses that companies are spending on medical care, food production, and environmental measures around the world are 1600 billion dollars (about 19 trillion yen, as of August 8000, 2015), but it is dramatically increased. It may be possible to reduce it.We have already applied for a patent and are proceeding with commercialization with a company.

 What does it mean for a raw egg to become a boiled egg?Proteins in the body and eggs of living organisms are made up of small amino acid molecules connected like a string.In the raw egg state, this string has a neatly folded structure, but it becomes loose and entangled due to the effects of heat and chemicals.Imagine a ball of yarn that has been loosened and entangled.This is called denaturation, but boiled eggs are made by denaturing proteins.

 Manufacturers of cancer drugs and foods are worried about the cost of cleaning containers that handle proteins.This is because the entangled protein sticks to the container.These costs are also added to the product price, which also increases the burden on patients and consumers.On the contrary, if the boiled egg can be restored to its original state, it can be easily washed.Therefore, research on putting proteins into a raw egg state has been conducted so far, but with the previous method, one wash took as long as 1 days.Professor Weiss's method is to loosen the protein by stirring it in hot water for about 4 minutes while applying pressure, which leads to a significant cost reduction.

 The cost of cleaning proteins is also our burden in the form of price.Patients and consumers will also benefit if this method is actually effective in cleaning containers.Returning eggs to life does not easily lead to cancer treatment, but efforts were being made to reduce costs during the production process, which is beyond the reach of consumers.

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