Nagahisa Nakano, a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Osaka Prefecture University, and Euglena Co., Ltd. confirmed research results suggesting that continuous intake of Euglena (Japanese name: Euglena) alleviates gastric ulcers.Euglena Co., Ltd. is a Japanese bio-venture company that was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2014, but it is also attracting attention from the research field by actively conducting research on industry-academia collaboration.

 Euglena is a microorganism that has both the movements of animals and the photosynthesis of plants, as we learn in elementary school science.It was pointed out that when viewed as a food, it has both nutritional characteristics.Mitsuru Izumo, President of Euglena Co., Ltd., focused on this point and thought that it might be the key to solving malnutrition in developing countries, and started and succeeded in mass culture.Recently, research at universities and other institutions has progressed, and various health effects are also attracting attention.

The result of this research is that Euglena powder is effective in alleviating the symptoms of gastric ulcer.Gastric ulcer is a disease in which stomach acid damages the mucous membrane and the stomach itself, causing pain and bleeding.Stress and bacterial infections are known to be the main causes.In an experiment conducted by visiting professor Nakano, stress caused gastric ulcers in rats that continued to be fed a normal diet mixed with Euglena powder.When the stomach condition was investigated, it was confirmed that the area of ​​gastric ulcer injury was narrower in the rats that ate the euglena-containing diet than in the rats that ate the normal diet.

Euglena is expected to have various effects on health, but as these studies progress, unexpected effects may be discovered.Researchers are also enthusiastic about living things that have been known for a long time, such as those mentioned in textbooks, because they have been in the spotlight in the industrial world.

Source:[Osaka Prefecture University] Confirmed research results suggesting alleviation of gastric ulcer symptoms by continuous ingestion of the microalgae Euglena

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