On November 2016, 11, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology released the "28 Edition of Education Statistics of Foreign Countries" showing the educational status of Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, and South Korea using statistical data.

 "Educational Statistics of Foreign Countries" is the successor to "International Comparison of Educational Indicators". The ratio of private schools in each country, the number of students enrolled in higher education per XNUMX people, university student payments, scholarships from government agencies, etc. Statistics such as the money system are open to the public.

 According to a survey of university student payments, the average amount of student payments such as entrance fees and tuition fees for Japanese national universities is 817,800 yen (2015), and the average for private universities is 1,311,644 yen (2014).In South Korea, the average student payment for national and public universities is 4,258,200 won, about 419,900 yen (2014), and for private universities, it is 8,106,200 won, about 799,300 yen (2014).There is no admission fee for 4-year state universities in the United States, and the national average tuition fee is $ 8,070, about 634,000 yen (2012). Even for 4-year private universities, there is no admission fee, and the national average tuition fee is. Is $ 24,525 and about 1,927,000 yen (2012).

 On the other hand, there are no entrance fees or tuition fees in France and Germany, and in the case of France, the total annual student registration fee and health insurance fee for the bachelor's degree is 183 euros, about 23,000 yen (2013). According to the 2016 winter semester data of the State University of Bonn, France will only pay a total of 271.97 euros and about 33,500 yen for student buses and student welfare associations for using public transportation.

 In addition, it was found that the government's scholarship system has set up salary-type scholarships in countries other than Japan.In the United States, there are about six types of scholarships offered by federal universities, universities, and private financial institutions (6).Three of them are salary-type, and the "Bell Salary Scholarship (Undergraduate)", which has the largest number of recipients, provides an average of $ 2012 / year for each person, which is about 3 yen.In Japan, the introduction of public benefit-type scholarships has been discussed since 1, and since it is a system that mainly uses national financial resources, the content of future studies will be watched.Details of this survey are posted on the website of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Reference: [Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] "Educational Statistics of Foreign Countries" 28 (2016) Edition 


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