Octopus bimaculoides whose entire genome has been deciphered (from source)

Octopus bimaculoides whose entire genome has been deciphered (from source)

 An octopus called the "wisest invertebrate". It has three hearts, most of the nerve cells are localized in eight tentacles, and it is also known to have very strange characteristics such as the ability to mimic illusions.A joint research team of Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, University of Chicago, and University of California, Berkeley announced that they have succeeded in decoding the entire genome of octopus.It is the first time in the world to decipher the genome of cephalopods consisting of octopus, squid and nautilus.The research results were published in the English scientific journal "Nature" on August 3, 8.

 This study reveals a variety of features that can be the origin of the highly sophisticated nervous system of cephalopods.There are several large gene clusters in the octopus genome, and these genes are involved in the developmental regulation of the brain in other animals, but they are very widespread in the octopus. ..Nearly half of the octopus genome is occupied by a mobile genetic element called a transposon, which is the highest content case in the animal kingdom.Transposons, also called "moving genes," are DNA units that can move around independently in the genome.Researchers have discovered that the transposon is particularly active in the octopus' nervous system.These characteristics are thought to be involved in the development of the complex nervous system of the octopus.

 Even if the entire genome is deciphered, the functions of many genes and the mechanisms of the complex nervous system are still mysterious, and future research is expected.
Source:[Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology] Decoding the octopus genome

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