In November, at the University of Aizu in Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, a hacker competition "Cyber ​​Koshien" will be held to compete for information security technology skills only for those under the age of 11. It will be held as a regional qualifier for the national convention "SECCON 18" held by the NPO Japan Network Security Association, and this is the first regional qualifier limited to those under the age of 2015.As the training of young security engineers has emerged as a major issue in Japan, it is likely to attract attention.

SECCON has been held since 2012 as a competition for security skills. From 2013, you can participate in online qualifying from overseas. In 2014, a total of 58 people from 4364 countries participated, and it seems that it became a valuable place to play against the world's highest level hackers.This time, we will hold regional tournaments in Yokohama, Hiroshima, Osaka, Fukushima, and Kyushu and online qualifying, and the top passers will aim for the top in the final tournament to be held in Tokyo in January 2016.
"Cyber ​​Koshien" was planned to invite young people who are not confident to play against hackers around the world.Details will be announced later, but school confrontations and individual competitions by qualifiers will be held.The University of Aizu has been holding the "Computer Koshien" where high school students compete for programming skills since 2003, and will also hold the "Cyber ​​Koshien" on the same schedule.

As cyber attacks targeting domestic government offices and companies are increasing, such as the information leakage problem of the Japan Pension Service, it is an urgent task to train security engineers.Although there is a movement to set up specialized departments at public universities, there are not many acceptable educational institutions.Currently, there are few places to teach that hacking technology can be useful to society.The organizers also hope that "Cyber ​​Koshien" will help solve these problems.

Source:[Japan Network Security Association] SECCON 2015 business start ceremony was held

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