Waseda University has reorganized the "Data Science Education Program", which is a data science education program currently provided for all Waseda students, for working adults, and has added new content to the "Data Science Practice Course" course. , Will be available from the fall of 2022.

 The Data Science Practical Course provides a customized data science education program for working adults, which is taught by approximately 5 students from all faculties and graduate schools of Waseda University.This is a special program where you can learn the theory and practice of systematic data science through Waseda University's unique curriculum rather than superficial skills.By learning the "theory" of data science and the "skills" that can be used in the business field at the same time, you will train your ability to use data science practically.

 Waseda University has set up a "data science certification system" as part of its own data science education program, and the "data science practice course" is based on this certification system.Upon completion of the course, you will be able to acquire the "knowledge" and "skills" of the beginner level of the certification system, and those who complete the course will be awarded a "certificate of course" based on the School Education Law.

 There are 10 lectures in total.It is structured to learn the "theory" and "practice" of data science. In the "theory edition", you will learn deep theory in the on-demand lecture developed by the Data Science Center, and in the "practice edition", you will actually learn the data. Learn how to use data science while analyzing.

 While self-learning the theory (48 hours) in an on-demand format, the instructor will follow the theory (digest of theory) and learn the practice in an online format at the same time.It is conducted online every other Saturday, making it easy for busy working adults to take classes.

 The recruitment period for course participants is from August 2022th (Wednesday) to September 8nd (Thursday), 24, with 9 recruitment staff (deadline as soon as the capacity is reached).The tuition fee is 22 yen (tax included).It is accepted from the Waseda University program official website.

Reference: [Waseda University] Data science practice course for working adults will start in the fall of 2022

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