Research by Nagoya City University and Chubu University has revealed that raising the temperature of the environment in which Alzheimer's disease model mice are reared raises core body temperature, which in turn promotes cognitive dysfunction and pathology related to Alzheimer's disease. became.

 Alzheimer's disease has been shown to cause impaired or decreased thermoregulatory function, but the causal relationship between body temperature and the progression of Alzheimer's disease has not been clarified.Therefore, the present group found that the rearing environment temperature of Alzheimer's disease model mice was increased (23°C → XNUMX°C). It was found that the phosphorylation of tau protein was highly enhanced due to the increase in tau protein levels.

 With global warming, temperatures are rising on a global scale, and it has become clear that the progression of Alzheimer's disease is strongly influenced by body temperature. has an important meaning.

Paper information:[Scientific Reports] Sustained high body temperature exacerbates cognitive function and Alzheimer's disease-related pathologies

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