Ashinaga and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group have agreed to create scholarships that do not require repayment and are aimed at third-year high school students aiming to enter university and undergraduate science students.More than 3 people are expected to receive the benefits, and the transfer to students will begin in the 1,000 academic year.

 According to the Ashinaga Scholarship Foundation, the benefit-type scholarship to be established will provide 3 yen for examination expenses, including transportation and accommodation expenses, for third-year high school students who are preparing to enter a science department. "Science University Student Support" provides 30 yen monthly to university students from enrollment to graduation.The target number is assumed to be about 4 for university admission support and about 800 for science university student support.

 Ashinaga supports children who have lost their parents or whose parents are unable to work due to disabilities. We planned to establish a new grant-type scholarship system with the aim of cultivating human resources with science backgrounds.

 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group has supported the activities of Ashinaga, and will also provide long-term annual funding for the new grant-type scholarship.

 Yoshiomi Tamai, Chairman of the Ashinaga Scholarship Foundation, said, "Amid the widening disparities in the economy and education due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group's decision is a strong encouragement to correct disparities." Hiroki Kamezawa, President of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, said, I would like to contribute to the advancement of orphaned students and the development of science-related human resources who are as competitive as the rest of the world."

reference:[Ashinaga Scholarship Foundation] “Ashinaga MUFG Scholarship Fund” established

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