The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Gifted Creation Endowed Course has introduced "incluvox", a video media for gifted and developmental disability supporters operated by voice and peace Co., Ltd.We will streamline and improve the quality of exchanges of opinions with gifted people and their guardians, and use videos to raise awareness of gifted people in related organizations and companies.

 According to Satoshi Ikezawa, specially appointed associate professor at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Gifted Creation Endowed Chair, the course says, "In one or more areas, people demonstrate a higher level of ability than people of the same age, experience, and environment. The psychosocial functioning of people who have "gifted" characteristics such as , or have the ability to demonstrate their potential (definition: National Association for Gifted Children), but who are unable to fully demonstrate their potential due to the influence of various background factors. In the future, we aim to develop support methods that make use of individual strengths and methods to improve the environment.

 The “incluvox” introduced this time is a video media that allows about 4,000 users such as Bandai Namco HD and Global Kids to view support methods for gifted and developmental disorders, and the service started in January 2022.It is run by Mr. Dai Akahira, an active announcer who has gifted and a child with a developmental disorder, an active TV staff, and a developmental disability support expert. In addition to 1 "videos that show how to support in 1 minute", we will deliver 300 videos a week that "show specialized knowledge and the latest information in 10 minutes". We deliver "efficient, effective, low-cost" content that can be used anytime, anywhere in the free time for parents and educators who are worried about gifted and developmental disability support, and business people who are worried about human resource utilization and reasonable consideration. ing.

 Specially Appointed Associate Professor Satoshi Ikezawa will use "incluvox" as (1) psychoeducational materials for the affected people and their families, and (2) educational materials for the educational institutions and companies used by the affected people.He's also considering selecting content to recommend for viewing based on individual needs.

Reference: [@Press] The University of Tokyo Graduate School Gifted Creation Endowment Course introduces developmental disability media incluvox Utilized for psychological education of persons with disabilities and supporters

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