Certify is an entrance examination for the Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo, held in August. We provided applicants with the opportunity to take the test using an online testing service.

 According to Certify, the service used is the "smart entrance examination" operated by the company.It has a function that makes cheating and other fraudulent activities difficult in a remote environment without the need for special software or applications, enabling remote testing across many countries and regions.

 In addition to authenticating the person with a computer camera, it is characterized by monitoring leaving seats, line of sight, objects, etc., to prevent substitute exams, replacements, cheating, etc.In addition, the smartphone is used as a sub-camera to monitor the blind spots of the computer screen and computer camera.

 In the entrance exam for the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine, it was used in the written exam for specialized subjects.Certify will continue to improve the function to identify fraudulent activities and implement it in the service to achieve the world's top level security level.

reference:[PR TIMES] Smart entrance examination supported the provision of examination opportunities to overseas residents in the selection of applicants for the Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo = Realization of a robust examination environment with two cameras and seven AIs Providing opportunities to take exams =

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