The research group of Associate Professor Takaaki Koga of Hokkaido University, in collaboration with Kobe University, Keio University, and NTT, has developed a method for sieving electrons flowing as current according to the state of spin.It will greatly expand the way of developing devices using the spin of electrons.

 The semiconductor devices used in today's computers operate by utilizing the electric charge property of electrons, so-called negative electricity.However, with this method, the limit of performance improvement is approaching.A method of using spin, which is another property of electrons, is being investigated as a way to overcome this.Normally, in most substances including semiconductors, counterclockwise and clockwise electrons exist in pairs that cancel each other's spin properties.In order to realize semiconductor devices using spin, it is indispensable to separate them and restore the properties of spin.

The purpose of this study is to theoretically predict the conditions under which spin generation will occur, which restores the properties of spins.For this purpose, we envisioned an element that has the effect of confining flowing electrons like a pit by alternately stacking five layers of two types of semiconductors made of indium, arsenic, etc. with different formulations.It was theoretically clarified that two types of spins can be selected by applying magnetism to the electrons trapped here.

Utilizing the electron spins that appear in this way is thought to be the key to the development of next-generation semiconductor devices, and is expected to be the driving force for improving the performance of computers in the future.However, this research has only succeeded in theoretically predicting the method of spin selection, and it is expected that it will be realized at the experimental level in the future.

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