A survey by the Japanese Trade Union Confederation found that 32.6% of students have experienced problems with working hours, wages, and harassment at their part-time jobs.Problems related to working hours, such as long working hours, and interpersonal problems, such as bullying and harassment, stand out.

 The survey will be conducted from October to November 2022, targeting high school students, technical college students, university students, junior college students, vocational school students, and graduate students nationwide. valid responses were collected and tabulated.

 According to the survey, 53.2% of all students had part-time jobs, and 68.8% had part-time job experience when including those who had worked part-time in the past.

 Of the students who have experience working part-time, 32.6% answered that they "experienced" problems at their workplaces.As for the type of troubles, working hours were the top at 43.3%.This was followed by human relations such as bullying and harassment at 42.4%.This was followed by 25.4% related to holidays, 19.6% related to wages such as unpaid, and 8.5% related to employment such as dismissal and termination of employment.

 72.8% of the people who consulted when they had troubles were family and friends.29.1% said their superiors or colleagues at their part-time jobs, 12.6% said they used social media, 12.1% said they used consultation services at their part-time jobs, and 9.5% said they were from government agencies such as Labor Standards Inspection Offices, prefectural labor bureaus, and Hello Work.

reference:[Japan Trade Union Confederation] Survey on labor for students (PDF)

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