In the common university entrance exams held on January 2023 and 1, 14, there was a difference in the degree of difficulty of the largest average score difference in science ② elective subjects, including the era of the predecessor university entrance examination center exam. It was revealed that the score will be adjusted as it was born.

 According to the university entrance examination center's interim tally 2 (47 examinees), the average score for science ② elective subjects was 1150 points for "physics", 63.39 points for "chemistry" and 48.56 points for "biology". was only 39.74 points. There is a gap of 23.65 points, the highest ever, between "physics" and "biology."

 After scrutinizing the questions, the university entrance examination center determined that there was a difference in difficulty, and added up to 7 points for "Chemistry" and up to 12 points for "Biology" according to the original score.As a result, the average score for "Chemistry" increased by 5.45 points to 54.01 points, and "Biology" increased by 8.72 points to 48.46 points.Another elective subject, earth science, had less than 1 applicants, so scores were not adjusted.

 Score adjustments are made when there is a difference of 20 points or more in average scores between elective subjects in the same subject.This is the fourth time that scores have been adjusted, including during the National Center Test for University Entrance Examinations, and the first time in two years since 4, when the first common university entrance exam was implemented.The common test for university entrance will be adjusted twice in three years, and it seems that the question composition method will be questioned.

reference:[University Entrance Examination Center] Regarding the score adjustment of the XNUMX university entrance common test (main exam) (PDF)

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