According to a nationwide survey conducted by Sony Life Insurance, parents with children under university age expect to spend an average of 1,436 million yen on educational expenses for their children from elementary school to adulthood.This is the highest amount since the survey began, and 9% of the parents of high school students and younger and those who are unemployed want more scholarships that do not require repayment.

 The survey was conducted via the Internet in January, and 1 valid responses were tallied.According to the survey, 1,000% of all parents feel that their children's academic ability and educational background are determined by their educational expenses.

 As for the burden of educational expenses, 66.9% of parents feel that the burden is "heavy."By age group, preschoolers were 56.5%, elementary school students 58.1%, middle and high school students 71.4%, and university students 81.3%.

 75.4% of parents feel uneasy about future educational funds.Parents of junior high and high school students had the highest percentage, reaching 79.0%.This was followed by 78.6% of parents of elementary school children and 76.2% of parents of preschool children. 77.0% of the respondents answered that "the corona crisis has increased my anxiety."

 With regard to the educational funds required from elementary school students to adults, the average expected amount of responses reached 1,436 million yen, the highest since the survey began.Reflecting the recent rise in prices and the rush to raise prices, it seems that they are expecting an increase in educational expenses.

 When asked about university tuition, 86.0% of the parents of high school students and younger students answered that it was "too expensive."86.2% are in favor of free tuition.87.0% of the respondents answered that they would like to see the benefit-type scholarships made more accessible.

reference:[Sony Life Insurance] Survey on Children's Education Funds 2023

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