On September 2023, 9, Fukuoka University held a training session for instructors to support the transition of junior high school club activities to regional areas at the Fukuoka University Second Memorial Hall in Nanakuma, Jonan Ward, Fukuoka City.

 According to Fukuoka University, the instructor training workshop is one of the commissioned projects selected by the Japan Sports Agency's public recruitment program and the University Sports Association (UNIVAS) in 2024. Part of a training trial project for students. As the final session of the three instructor training sessions, there will be a lecture by Atsushi Utsunomiya, a Fukuoka University alumnus and principal of Fukuoka City Yuizumi Junior High School, on how to prepare as a teacher and harassment; a lecture by Professor Masahiro Inui of the Fukuoka University School of Sports Science; We held seminars on injury prevention and initial response, and AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

 Students aiming to become junior high school club activity instructors attend one of the three instructor training sessions held, and then are registered in the human resource bank and enrolled in group club activities where they practice jointly at university sports facilities. Serves as an instructor for club activities dispatched to junior high schools.

 Group club activities are scheduled to be held at Fukuoka University's track and field stadium, soccer field, kendo hall, and volleyball court from October to December.A total of 10 junior high school students (12 events) from Jonan Ward will participate.

reference:[Fukuoka University] Fukuoka University students support the transition of junior high school club activities to regional areas - Club activity leader training session held (9/11)

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