At Tokyo Keizai University, we are focusing on seminar education as an education that helps students acquire the skills to go out into society and play an active role.A ``seminar research report session'' will be held as an opportunity to present the content and results of the education.

 As a ``Tokyo University seminar,'' Tokyo Keizai University places emphasis on developing students' ability to think for themselves and continue learning through active discussions and presentations, delving into research themes with their supervisors and peers in small classes.All first-year students participate in the first-year seminar, where they learn the basics of how to study at university, such as how to collect and search data, how to write reports, and how to give presentations. From the second year onward, students who belong to seminars in their specialized fields formulate hypotheses about themes that interest them, conduct research and analysis, and deepen their research.

 "Seminar research report sessions" will be held at the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Modern Law, and University-wide Common Education Center.This will be made available to those affiliated with Tokyo Keizai University, as well as high school teachers, students, and their parents.Through this opportunity, many people will be able to learn about the educational achievements of Tokyo Keizai University, and we will also provide high school students with an opportunity to understand what they are learning at the university and use it as a reference when choosing their career path.

 Those wishing to participate must apply by email to each faculty.For details, please check the summary and latest information on the relevant page of Tokyo Keizai University.

Tokyo Keizai University “Seminar Research Report Session”
Saturday, October 12, 9: 13-00: 17
[Faculty of Economics] Face-to-face only
[Faculty of Business Administration] Face-to-face only
[University-wide Common Education Center] Face-to-face only

Wednesday, October 12th, 20: 13-00: 17
[Faculty of Modern Law] Face-to-face meeting and archived video scheduled to be distributed at a later date

Reference: [Tokyo Keizai University] “Seminar Research Report Session” held on 12/9 (Sat) and 12/20 (Wed)

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Tokyo Keizai University is the predecessor of Okura Commercial School, which was founded in 1900 by Kihachiro Okura, a businessman who was active in the Meiji and Taisho eras.As a university that practices "academic-backed practical education" with the spirit of "advancement" and "responsibility and credibility" to move forward even in difficult times, it is highly ethical. […]

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