Kitakyushu City University Chairman Junji Tsuda and President Masato Yanai visited Mayor Kazuhisa Takeuchi at Kitakyushu City Hall and talked about the Faculty of Information Innovation (tentative name), which they plan to establish in 2027 in the Kokura district, where IT companies are concentrated. He requested that the department construct a new school building.

 According to Kitakyushu City University, after Chairman Tsuda handed Mayor Takeuchi a written request, President Yanai explained the outline of the new faculty concept. In addition to constructing a new school building in the Kokura area, the request also requests cooperation in establishing and operating a new faculty.

 The Faculty of Information Innovation has an admission capacity of 118 students. The Department of Information Engineering (enrollment capacity: 68 students) cultivates human resources who can learn AI, robotics, etc. and make full use of cutting-edge technology in information engineering, and study energy and environmental studies and environmental big data analysis, promoting digital transformation and issues facing local communities. There are two departments: the Department of Co-creative Social Systems (enrollment capacity: 50 students), which trains people who can advance solutions.

 In addition to collaborating with companies in Kitakyushu City to promote problem-solving learning based on actual business issues, we plan to hold job-type internships where students will work at companies for a long period of time, lectures by company engineers, etc. Develop human resources who can immediately work in the field.

reference:[University of Kitakyushu] We have made a request to the mayor of Kitakyushu regarding the establishment and operation of a new faculty “(tentative name) Faculty of Information Innovation” (currently under construction).

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