October 2015, 10 The University of Tokyo (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) announced the "University of Tokyo Vision 22" created as a concrete policy during the term of President Makoto Gonokami (until 2020).This policy is based on "excellence" and "diversity", and consists of four visions "research", "education", "social cooperation", "management", and "action" to realize them.

 First of all, the vision of "research" is "strategic development of science that challenges the creation of new value", and the policy is to disseminate excellent academic results in both humanities and sciences both domestically and internationally.In addition, by creating an environment where you can concentrate on your research, we will provide you with the opportunity to gather and work hard with many excellent human resources regardless of nationality, gender, or age.As an "action" to realize this vision, we will promote the expansion and establishment of internationally outstanding research bases, such as promoting joint research and international collaboration, and creating new field-integrated learning. I did.

 Next, the vision of "education" is "cultivation of basic skills and development of" intellectual professionals "", promotion of undergraduate education reform, enhancement of education to train international sense, establishment of international excellence graduate school (* 1). In addition, we will strengthen the expansion of student diversity.In addition to promoting admissions reforms such as recommendation admissions, we are actively accepting international students from overseas.
In addition, "social cooperation" aims to "build publicity in the global society of the 21st century", and "management" aims to "enhance and revitalize complex" places "".

 We will continue to introduce this policy on the university's website as needed.

(* 1) WINGS, World-leading Innovative Graduate Study: An outstanding graduate school that has an excellent research base and integrates advanced education and research.There is an environment in which doctoral students can concentrate on their studies.

Source: [The University of Tokyo] Announcement of "The University of Tokyo Vision 2020"

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