Kinki University (Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) announced that musician and entertainment producer Tsunku has decided to produce the "2016 Entrance Ceremony".He is a graduate of the university's Faculty of Commerce and Economics (currently the Faculty of Business Administration) and has produced the entrance ceremony for the third consecutive year.

 Every year at the entrance ceremony of the university, a project team of young staff is set up to make memories of the life of new students, and a ceremony is held with an elaborate taste that is not bound by the entrance ceremony.Last year, there was a lot of excitement with the gorgeous stage of the cheering club and brass band club directed by the producer, and the human characters by all the attendees.It was also talked about when he confessed his medical condition and sent a hot ale to new students to take a new step together.

 The theme of the entrance ceremony in 2016 is "Produce Your Future!". He thought, "I want you to produce yourself and open up your own future."This time, he wrote a new song for the entrance ceremony, and "KINDAI GIRLS" (*) sang it. From November 2015, we started recruiting new members of "KINDAI GIRLS".Preparations for the entrance ceremony will begin in earnest.
The entrance ceremony is scheduled to be attended by about 2016 new students at the Kinki University Memorial Hall on Saturday, April 4, 2.Mr. Tsunku commented, "I want to produce an entrance ceremony that is unique and can only be done by me."

(*) Entrance ceremony performance unit by current students and new students of Kinki University.It is planned to be formed by adding students newly selected by document screening and audition to the students who wish to continue their activities among the members so far.We will audition within the year (2015) and receive voice training and dance lessons for the performance at the 2016 entrance ceremony.

Source:[Kinki University] 28 Kinki University Entrance Ceremony Produced by OB Tsunku♂

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