At Kyoritsu Women's University and Kyoritsu Women's Junior College, "Blancpain" was developed in cooperation with JA Zenno Saitama. From May 2019, 5, we started selling nationwide on JA's order site.

 Kyoritsu Women's University and Kyoritsu Women's Junior College are proceeding with the conclusion of cooperation agreements with companies and local governments nationwide and concrete efforts for the purpose of social return of education and research results, industry-government-academia collaboration, and regional collaboration. On July 2017, 7, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Saitama Prefecture Headquarters (JA Zen-Noh Saitama) of the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives.

 This time, based on the agreement, under the supervision of Professor Masahiro Murakami of the Faculty of Home Economics and Department of Food and Nutrition, students of the official student group "Meeting to make the world smile with food" cooperated with JA Zenno Saitama and Saitama. We have developed "Blancpan" using prefectural wheat (Hanamanten). "Hanamanten" is an ultra-strong wheat grown in Nagano Prefecture, which began to be cultivated in Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture in 19, and is characterized by its rich and chewy texture. "Bran" is made in Japan and is the part of the wheat skin that is removed during the wheat milling process. It is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

 Branpan started selling to JA subscribers in October 2018, and expanded its sales channel due to strong sales. From May 10, 2019, JA Town (directly sent from the production area operated by JA) as a set product with arranged sizes and forms. On the ordering site, "Blanc bread set using Saitama prefecture wheat" Hanamanten ": Price 3301 yen (tax included, shipping included)" will be sold nationwide. It became a thing.

Reference: [Kyoritsu Women's University] From May 5st (the first day of the first year of Reiwa), handling and sales in JA Town will start: Nationwide sales of Blancpain jointly developed by the university and JA will be decided.
[JA Town] Blancpain set using Saitama wheat "Hanamanten"

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