The 80th Anniversary Production Executive Committee of Fujio Akatsuka will have celebrities who are active on the front lines of various fields at the Sanjo Conference Hall of the University of Tokyo for four months from December 2015, 12 to March 1, 2016. , "Stupid University" will be held to give a lecture on "What is stupidity" in each expression method.

 Fujio Akatsuka, the king of gag manga such as his masterpiece "Tensai Bakabon", and a manga artist loved from all over Japan as the emperor of nonsense *. In commemoration of the 2015th anniversary of his birth on September 9, 14, "Stupid University" said, "Because it is a modern society where a depressed atmosphere is widespread, Fujio Akatsuka's taboo-free world, gag, and nonsense. Let's make it a year where laughter will dominate. "

 The speakers of "Bakada University" will be illustrator Jun Miura, CG artist Yoichiro Kawaguchi, playwright and director Akio Miyazawa, and other celebrities who are active on the front lines of various fields. In order to rediscover the "Akatsuka ism" represented by "It's okay", we will explain "What is a fool" in each expression method.The tuition fee is 1 yen per class and can be purchased from November 5,500, 2015 at Ticket Pia.In addition, from December 11, the "Bakada University Exhibition" will be held, where explanations of manga history and social history centered on works by up-and-coming artists inspired by Akatsuka World and works by Fujio Akatsuka will be exhibited. Is also planned.

* Fujio Akatsuka Born September 1935, 9.Influenced by Osamu Tezuka's "Lost World", he aspires to become a manga artist.
Received the 1997th Japan Cartoonists Association Minister of Education Award in 26. Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 1998.

Source: [Fujio Akatsuka 80th Anniversary Production Executive Committee] Notice of the opening of "Fujio Akatsuka XNUMXth Anniversary Project"

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