Kyushu University's Decision Science Center for Sustainable Society is a university joint-use institution, Human Culture Research, in order to utilize the results of science to solve social problems and contribute to the construction of a sustainable global environment and human society. We have signed a cooperation agreement with the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature). Our policy is to jointly promote joint research and practical activities for problem solving until the end of 2019.

 The signing ceremony for the cooperation agreement was held at the Ito Campus of Kyushu University in Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture.According to Kyushu University, the Decision Science Center and the Institute of Earth Sciences will participate in joint research and research projects conducted by the Institute of Earth Sciences with students and faculty members of the Decision Science Center for Sustainable Sciences. You will be given educational and research opportunities at the Institute of Earth Sciences.In addition, we are planning to exchange information and disseminate information through the projects of the joint study group and the Institute of Earth Sciences.

 Decision science is the study of methodologies for making the best decisions under various uncertainties, taking into account the diversity of values, and making those decisions successful. Opinions on critical issues, exploration of options, and more. It covers a series of processes: consensus building for good options and adaptive management for goal resolution.Kyushu University has established the Decision Science Center for the purpose of utilizing the results of science to solve social problems and developing human resources who can make bird's-eye view decisions.

 While promoting problem-solving interdisciplinary research that highly integrates the natural sciences and humanities, the Institute of Earth Sciences will serve as the Asian base for the International Research Program Future Earth, and will cause large-scale disasters due to the loss of biodiversity and climate change in Asia. We are working to lead the solution of global environmental problems such as frequent occurrence of science, water shortage due to population growth, and shortage of food resources.

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