At Osaka Gakuin University (Suita City, Osaka Prefecture), the 2015th Business Chat was held on December 12, 16.The theme of this event is "Learn from the president of graduates", and the purpose is to cultivate the ability of students to survive in a rapidly changing business society by learning living business skills from managers and entrepreneurs.

 This time, under the title of "Learn how to sell the president," 10 presidents from various industries, such as electrical parts manufacturers, building maintenance companies, and work clothes and work supplies sales companies, participated as lecturers.We surrounded the table with the students and talked about their knowledge and experience about "sales".
In the questionnaire after the event, "I will do my best to become the president" and "Job hunting will start next year, but talking directly with the presidents in this way also allows me to think about my own career. I think it will be useful, "said the students.

 This is the 6th time this event has been held, and the previous theme was "The idea of ​​goal setting by financial planners and insurance investigators", and the president of a business management consultant, etc., has six essential elements for goal setting (health and economy). I learned about aspects, social life, education, family life, and spirituality.
In addition, the 5th meeting will be held under the theme of "Which is advantageous for job hunting? [Volunteer activities?] [Club activities such as athletics?]" With the president of a human resources recruitment consulting company as a lecturer.It was held in a debate format and discussed about business experiences and ways of thinking.

 At the event, members of the "Osaka Gakuin Phoenix Club", which is made up of graduates involved in corporate management, are cooperating as lecturers.The club was established in July 2009 with the aim of supporting the career development of current students, contributing to the local community, and contributing to the development of the university.

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