From January 2016, 1, PARCO Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) will sell a charity menu tie-up with popular characters at a collaboration cafe with characters that is open at 18 stores in Shibuya, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.The menu was jointly developed with the TABLE FOR TWO (*, TFT) University Union, which provides food assistance to children in developing countries.During the period, if you order the target menu, 3 yen (20 meal in developing countries) will be delivered as a donation.

 The university union is an organization of university students who support TFT, and has about 1,000 members nationwide.We are engaged in activities to expand the circle of TFT activities, mainly aiming to introduce TFT into the student cafeteria.In addition, event planning and management is also carried out, such as introduction to restaurants and cafes near the university, sales of TFT menus at school festivals, and limited-time operation of TFT cafes by student members with dietitian qualifications. In fiscal 2014, we delivered the target of 1 meals to African countries in one year, and in fiscal 22 we are aiming for 2015 meals.

 The menu jointly developed with PARCO this time includes "My Melody & My Sweet Piano Cafe" Flower Pot Salad (¥ 1,188 including tax) and "Cinnamoroll Cafe" Cinnamon Hide and Seek Chai (¥ 864 including tax).A student member who cooperated in the development said, "The finished product at the tasting party was much more delicious and cute than I had imagined. I hope many people will be interested in TFT activities through this menu." I am.

 From January 2016th to February 1th, 15, PARCO has a charity menu "2 items of grilled vegetables curry set" that takes health into consideration in the food balance and cooking process at stores nationwide (29 stores, about 15 restaurants). (Sendai store) etc. are also available.This is the sixth time for this initiative, and we have delivered 100 meals in collaboration with 10 universities nationwide, including notification activities.

*: Of the 70 billion people in the world, 10 billion suffer from hunger, while nearly 20 billion suffer from diet-related lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity.Established in October 2007 to eliminate this serious food imbalance. The literal translation of "TABLE FOR TWO" is "dining table for two people."Under the concept of sharing meals between people in developed countries and children in developing countries, we have delivered about 10 million meals to African countries, Myanmar, the Philippines, and so on.Activities that started in Japan have spread beyond the sea to 3,600 countries around the world, including the United States, European countries, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

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