Chiba University Frontier Medical Engineering Center has developed the world's first wearable and walkable chair "Alkeris".In collaboration with Nittou (Yokohama City, President Hideyuki Fujisawa), Nippon Polymer Giken (Tokyo, President Masashi Inoue), and design company Takuki Nishimura Design (President Takuki Nishimura, Tokyo) We are aiming to commercialize it around the summer of 2016 with the aim of reducing the burden on surgeons who work while sitting down all the time.

 According to the Chiba University Frontier Medical Engineering Center, Alkeris is attached to both legs to fix the angle of the knees and ankles and to support the weight over a large area of ​​the shin and thigh.This allows you to walk and sit comfortably repeatedly without straining your muscles, even if you keep your mid-waist posture for a long time.

 In laparoscopic surgery, which requires fine movement of the tip of the forceps a few millimeters, the stability of the trunk has a great effect on the surgery, but the use of Alkeris greatly improves the stability during surgery.Since each leg has an independent design, you can freely take a stance according to your posture, and it is lightweight and cordless, which makes it easy to operate.Since metal parts are used for the structural part, it can withstand a long time load, and the part that supports the weight is made of carbon, making it flexible and easy to fit the human body.

 Hiroshi Kawahira, an associate professor at Chiba University, said, "It can be worn by anyone who is standing and working. I want people who suffer from chronic low back pain and lower limb pain to use it."

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