ALBERT Co., Ltd. announced that it has started joint research with the University of Electro-Communications in 2016 with the aim of strengthening artificial intelligence-related businesses.

 ALBERT Co., Ltd. utilizes the state-of-the-art machine learning method "deep learning," which is considered to be one of the most powerful means of artificial intelligence, in order to reduce costs and improve accuracy. We are developing a system that automatically tags images.

 In joint research with the University of Electro-Communications, we will collaborate with Akihiro Kashiwabara Laboratory *, Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, The University of Electro-Communications, in the field of new learning systems that utilize machine learning.Conventional group education does not correspond to the abilities of individual learners and can only give uniform lectures, so it is too easy for some learners and too difficult for other learners. had.To solve these problems, the joint research will optimize learners' abilities and learning programs in e-learning, and design and develop learning support technologies that will open up a new world of learning.

* Deep learning is a type of machine learning using a computer.Technology and methods that make full use of neural networks (information processing systems modeled on the cranial nerve system) that have a deeper hierarchy than before to realize more accurate and efficient judgments.
* Professor Akihiro Kashihara
Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, The University of Electro-Communications.He is engaged in research on learning engineering, especially modeling and learning tools of cognitive processes involved in learning.

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The University of Electro-Communications originated from the Wireless Telegraph Training Institute managed by the Telegraph Association, which was established in 1918 as a training institution for wireless communication engineers.We aim to develop and produce highly-skilled human resources who will lead science and technology innovation in the field of science and technology and support a knowledge-based society. […]

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