A research group led by Professor Sanae Ito of Kyushu University and Associate Professor Takeshi Ido of the National Institute for Fusion Science has elucidated the mechanism of sudden phenomena in plasma discovered in a large-scale device of the National Institute for Fusion Science.

 Today, most of the nuclear energy used in the world uses the enormous energy generated when a huge atomic nucleus splits.On the other hand, the fusion of the small nuclei of a hydrogen atom produces much more energy than the energy of fission.In addition, while the fission reaction produces the debris of the split atomic nuclei as radioactive waste, this method has the advantage of producing almost no waste.However, the technology to extract energy while completely controlling the fusion reaction has not yet been established.Plasma fusion is one of the technologies that is being researched for practical use.By magnetically compressing the plasma-generated hydrogen, the atomic nuclei are fused together.However, plasma that is magnetically confined and heated to tens of millions of degrees unexpectedly leaks out, causing problems that damage the furnace.It is necessary to clarify the mechanism by which such a leak occurs in order to take measures, but it has remained a mystery for decades.

 It is very difficult to investigate the decrease in high temperatures, which can reach tens of millions of degrees.Therefore, we have developed a new measuring device.It is a method of exploring the internal state by launching very heavy ions toward the plasma at high speed and examining the ions that have passed through the plasma.As a result, we found that sudden large fluctuations occur inside the high-temperature plasma.Furthermore, I proposed a new theory to explain this fluctuation phenomenon.

 If the theory proposed this time makes it possible to predict the occurrence of fluctuations, it will be a great clue to solve the problem of damaging the furnace.Nuclear power depends on the problem of radioactive waste, but if a fusion reactor is realized in the future, the view may change.

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