Tokoha University officially announced on February 2016, 2 that it will acquire the former factory site of POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, POLA HD) in Shizuoka City.The school will develop a new campus of Tokoha University that will accommodate about 15 people, and will take advantage of its proximity to JR Kusanagi Station to increase the number of applicants.

 The site acquired from POLA HD is the site of the former Shizuoka Factory owned by the subsidiary POLA Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture), and the site area is approximately 4 square meters. The factory, which started operations in 3200, closed in August 1954 due to the reorganization of the cosmetics factory and was integrated into the Fukuroi factory.Buildings such as factories have been demolished, and we have been considering selling the site.POLA HD decided to sell to the school considering not only the price but also the cultural significance. We will conclude a transfer agreement on February 2014, 8 and plan to deliver it by the end of March.

 The university is a comprehensive university with 3 faculties and 10 departments on 19 campuses in Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, and Fuji, and about 7,200 students including junior colleges.The existing faculties on the Fuji Campus (Fuji City), which is far from the station, and the Sena Campus (Shizuoka City), which is over 30 years old, will be reorganized and transferred to the new campus. It's a plan.

 While it is said that the university is in the era of full enrollment, all applicants can enroll in some faculties at the university, and with the development of the new campus, the number of applicants will increase, creating substantial competition and excellent from inside and outside the prefecture. The aim is to attract students.
In addition, while there are 12 national, public and private universities in Shizuoka prefecture, the percentage of those who go on to universities in the prefecture is decreasing, and more than XNUMX% of those who go on to university have flowed out of the prefecture.It is hoped that the opening of a new campus at the university will contribute to the advancement of young people with a large outflow of population, and will be able to stop young people from moving out of the city.On the other hand, in order to attract many students, it is said that not only the development of the new campus but also the enhancement of software such as faculty and lecture contents are indispensable.

Tokoha University

At the largest university in Shizuoka prefecture, we train next-generation leaders who aim to contribute to the development of Shizuoka through the exchange of people and information.

Tokoha University is the largest private university in Shizuoka prefecture with 4 campuses, 10 faculties and 19 departments. With the three educational philosophies of "knowledge and future," "future-oriented," and "community contribution," we not only acquire specialized knowledge, but also develop abundant humanity and develop talented human resources who will play a leading role in the community.Active[…]

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