Otemon Gakuin University, a school corporation that manages Otemon Gakuin University, participates in the "Ibaraki Smart Community Project" that is being promoted at the site of the Toshiba Osaka Factory in Ibaraki City.An agreement was signed with Toshiba on April 4, on the premise that the site will be acquired as the planned site for the new campus.

 The school is a traditional school corporation that has been engaged in education for about 130 years in Osaka prefecture.This year marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of the university in Ibaraki City.During this time, I have been accumulating research on culture and community development in the Hokusetsu area including Ibaraki city and Osaka city.There is also an intention to contribute to the creation of a new educational district open to the international community and the region with the new campus as an opportunity.

 The planned site for the new campus is within walking distance from JR Soujiji Station (tentative name), which is scheduled to open in the spring of 2018, and is about 2 km from the current campus where the university and junior high and high schools are located.In the future, we are planning to develop new education by linking the two campuses, and by taking advantage of the convenient location, we will attract people from outside the smart community and create a community as a place to practice diverse education and research. I also think that I will work on it.

 The current plans for the new campus will be announced at the 5th Anniversary Ceremony of Otemon Gakuin University on May 29th.

Otemon Gakuin University

Expansion of academic gate area x expansion of new campus. Faculty of Law * Newly established in April 2023!

Bunri University has a campus in Hokusetsu (Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture), a popular area in the Kansai region. In 2019, a new campus (Ibaraki Sochiji Campus) will be created for all new students to study. In 2021, the science and engineering field "Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive Science" to study Al in the Faculty of Psychology, and in 2022, the Faculty of International Studies and the Faculty of Letters 2 […]

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