At Kanagawa University, we conducted the "2015 Student Life Survey" to investigate the living conditions of students, and released the survey results.


 According to the survey, 60.8% of the current housing styles are "commuting to school at home", and almost 6% of students go to school from home.The total monthly average income is "7 to less than 10 yen" for home commuting, "10 to less than 15 yen" for out-of-home school and university dormitory, and the total monthly average expenditure is "2 to less than 3 yen". The most common results were "10 to less than 15 yen" and "8 to less than 2011 yen" for out-of-home school and university dormitories.More than 30.4% of students pay the university payment by "parent's income", and the "scholarship" was 2013% in 34.5 and 29.9% in 60.8, but this time it is 51.0%. It turned out that it is on a downward trend.For graduate students, the payment rate for "parental income" is the lowest at 39.2%, and the payment rate for "scholarship XNUMX%" and "own salary / part-time job fee XNUMX%" is more common.

 Regarding the degree of satisfaction with the university student support system, "library 84.9%" was the highest, followed by "facility such as school buildings 79.3%", and "overseas study abroad system" was "experienced" by 46.6% of students throughout the university. No. " When asked, "What is the score for satisfaction with Kanagawa University?", The average score for satisfaction throughout the university is 66.1 points.By faculty, the highest average score was 71.6 in the Faculty of Human Sciences, followed by 71.5 in the graduate school.

Reference: [Kanagawa University] Results of the 2015 Student Life Survey Report

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