From April, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will start a "Let's check working conditions for part-time jobs!" Campaign for university students nationwide to encourage them to check working conditions before starting a part-time job.There are many labor troubles in student part-time jobs, but if the students have basic knowledge of labor law, they can often avoid the troubles, so we will make it known nationwide for four months until July.

 According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the efforts during the period are to distribute and post working condition notices and leaflets containing specific trouble cases for students at universities, etc., while prefectural labor bureaus provide on-site consultations at universities. We will set up a "Youth Counseling Corner" in the General Labor Counseling Corner of the Prefectural Labor Bureau and the Labor Standards Inspection Office to focus on counseling from students.

 When an employer hires a part-time job, it is required by the Labor Standards Law and the Part-Term Labor Law to issue a written notice of working conditions.In particular, part-time employees are in an unstable position, unlike regular employees, so it is necessary to confirm working conditions, but there are many cases of violations that can be done verbally or not notified at all.

Items that are required to be stated in the notification of working conditions are
■ Labor contract period
■ Work place and contents of work
■ Working hours
■ Wages and their payment methods
■ Retirement regulations
■ Whether or not there is a salary increase
■ Presence or absence of retirement allowance
■ Whether or not there is a bonus.
It is also a violation of the law if any of the items are missing.

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